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Mr. Javed Gulmohammad Shadiwan, a man with humility, simplicity and modesty yet doing great jobs and spreading the message of social duties. Mr. Javed completed his education in a multidisciplinary streams. He started his carrier working with industries like Hindustan Antibiotics, Pimpri since 1990 and continued till 31st May 2009.

Mr. Shadiwan believed that if every individual should contribute towards society and realized that someon8'has to put a step forward, he thus started this mission by forming a place for minorities by himself in the year 2004. The greatest achievement of this man was he started the great doing without any financial help and continued standing fi rm till date with small donations and saving of his own

Mr. Shadiwan aims to take more initiative to develop the life hoods of all minorities; he travels to different places to check how improvement and awareness can be enhanced. He believes that he would make the foundation so strong that even when he would not exist in the world his works and deeds would life without any end.
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Mr. Javed Gulmohammad Shadiwan (Founder/chairperson/president)