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Who We Are

Sanjeevani Foundation was named with a vision to give life and we believe that life can be given through education and shelter, with a mission and vision to educate and shelter children especially girls, we formed Sanjeevani; a trust spreading education to all and giving shelter to orphan Muslim girls.

Sanjeevani started in the year 2004 and got its registration in the year 2005, our foundation functions an Urdu Medium High school (Co-Aid) (Unaided).

What We Do

Our School has all teaching aids, well qualified teachers, a computer lab, play ground and all other necessary facilities. Our first SSC batched stared in the year 2012 and we successfully completed 8 batches of S.S.C students.

Sanjeevani also has an orphanage of Muslim girls providing them food, accommodation and all other basic necessities, girls in the orphanage are from the age of 8 , theses girls are given compulsorily education to strength their live hood and enhance their upbringing.

Sanjeevani got its minority status in the year 2014 and thus aim to shelter and educate all young minorities and orphans throughout the Nation.



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